Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Folder Locking using Dos in windows!

Got stuff in a folder of yours which is hidden behind another 20 folders so that your dad would go crazy trying to find it? Sick of guys cooly walking up to your system at school and deleting your Blue J project and then going "Hehehe....i just gagged some cookoo's project of the comp! God is he gonna cry his head off!"....Heres a solution which is FOOL PROOF!

The process goes like this:
1.Click Start

2.Select 'Run'

3.Type in "command" and hit Enter.

4. DOS would now be glaring at your face. Select drive of your folder.
eg. If ur folder is in d: then type d: and hit enter

5.Type this:

ren (space) (space) (hold alt) (leave alt)

6. Done? Good... after this hold alt again and put in some three digits(like the digits of your telephon no. or some easy to recall stuff). Just make sure you dont forget the numerical code!

7. Hit Enter. Type "Exit". Back to windows.

8. Go to where your folder was and try opening it(the folder would now be labelled with some underscores or dashes!). You will see an error which denies access to your file, bans deletion and basically does not let any idiot lay a finger on your folder. Cool eh?

alright done with lockin' it....what do you do to access your own folder?

Sorry man i dont know! hehe....just kidding!

1.Go to Dos


ren (hold alt) (enter combination entered earlier) (leave alt) (space)

Go to windows and voila! folder all accessible again...YO!
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Anuradha said...

Hey suraj, the eigth or the last part of the folder lock i didnot understand
if the folder is mine n i am used foder lock option how can i use it?

nideesh said...

hi dear pls tell how to give the path i mean the folder which i want to lock is on desktop C:\Documents and Settings\suzanne\Desktop
now i didnt understand 5 part (press alt leave alt) i tried as u asid but it didnt work

gct said...

Hi , Is It Compitible With XP ?

vinay said...

this is just a command by which u can rename the folder not to lock.....

neer@j said...

just making of foolish nothing else........fuck off

jay said...

but where i should give the folder name

krishna yadav said...

krishna yadav :
this command is only applicable for windows 98 for lock the password.. but in xp or w7 it will be change only file name ..


yeh d person is himself fool or making someone fool....dis is not d way c d ext of the file in dos and add it in the extension of file then folder will be lock
dont believe these kind of fools

Brown Jason said...

Hmm, it is interesting.
folder hide

john said...

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john said...

windows tips and tricks,a collection of tips and tricks to make life easier with windows

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